THM Caramel Mocha Cheesecake (S)



We decided to post some of our THM recipes on here over the next little while, and what would be more perfect for a first recipe than creamy cheesecake? Yummy! 🙂 I made this for a women’s conference in the area, and it was a big success! I came up with this recipe and since my family highly improved, I decided to treat the ladies at the conference with it as well. I wanted something rich and “chocolate-ey” to showcase my delicious caramel sauce that is simply irresistible!  My sisters and daughters couldn’t resist eating the sauce with a spoon…






1 C. almond flour

3/4 C. powdered “brown sugar” (I make my own truvia blend and then add 1 t. of molasses to 1 C. of trivia. Then blend in a blender or coffee grinder to make powdered “brown sugar.”)

pinch or two of salt

1/4 C. cocoa powder

2-3 T. instant coffee or coffee substitute

1/4 C. melted butter


Combine the dry ingredients. Mix in melted butter and press into greased 9” (with coconut oil or butter) springform pan.





4 (8-ounce) packages of softened cream cheese (It’s very important to have them at room temperature!)

2-3 T. instant coffee or coffee substitute (dissolved in a bit of water)

1 C. powdered truvia (truvia blended in blender or coffee grinder)

1 T. almond flour

1 T. coconut flour

2 t. vanilla

4 eggs

3 (4.4-ounce) 85% cocoa bars



Beat softened cream cheese until smooth and creamy. Add powdered truvia, both of the flours, and vanilla. (Mix well!) Add lightly beaten eggs, mixing very briefly.


Divide the batter in half.


Melt two of the cocoa bars and sweeten to taste with powdered truvia or stevia to make a chocolate sauce. Sweeten according to your taste, but it should be nice and sweet. Add a pinch of salt.


Stir the chocolate sauce into one half of the batter. Pour over crust. Stir the coffee into the other half and spoon over the chocolate layer.


Put in water bath and bake at 325 degrees for 60-65 minutes until just set. Cool on rack for 10 min and refrigerate over-night. Melt and sweeten the last chocolate bar for a choc. sauce, then, after cooled, drizzle the chocolate sauce and caramel sauce (click here for the recipe) over the cheesecake. Refrigerate again. ENJOY! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts!

~Cindy (For The Mullett Family)



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20 Responses

  1. Joann Davis says:

    This sounds and looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am curious, with this dessert do you let people know there are nuts in it? I have a daughter with anaphylactic nut allergies. I always hope that people are conscious of that and share that information when the nuts are not obvious.

  2. Cathy says:

    Out of all the wonderful-looking desserts displayed that night at the ladies’ conference, I chose this one and – wow – a great choice! Absolutely delicious. Thanks for the recipe!!

  3. Cindy Mullett says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Cathy! I enjoyed making it for you ladies.

  4. Cindy Mullett says:

    Hi Joann!
    That’s a good question. I guess I never thought about letting others know about the nuts, even though our daughter has severe anaphalactic allergies to MANY other things. We are so used to asking what the ingredients are (or she just skips it, if in doubt!) before she eats anything. Since people don’t know all the things that make her go into anaphalactic (cheese, goat’s milk, pine nuts, casein, most chocolate, milk) and would never be able to remember or think of everything, we just make sure we are very cautious and take responsibility for it ourselves. I guess if it’s only one allergy, it would be a lot easier if it could be brought to everyone’s attention. Thanks for mentioning this! If others don’t have these boundaries to work with, it’s unlikely they will even think about it. I know just how hard and scary this allergy thing can be! God bless you as you walk this journey with your daughter. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but God gave us a HUGE gift several years ago. We tried giving my daughter large amounts of digestive enzymes when she first begins to swell. (Since anaphalactic is the body’s natural response when it can’t digest a certain food.) If she quickly begins chewing the enzymes at the first signs and before her throat closes too much, it will slow down the process, and then completely stops it. She has done this multiple times over the last few years and it has literally saved her life! We’ve not needed to use her EpiPen for many years because of this. Sometimes, she has to chew 10-15 of them to stop a severe reaction, but it ALWAYS works for her. She also takes digestive enzymes on a daily basis with her meals. I think it would be worth trying this for your daughter. I’ll pray for wisdom for you! ~Cindy

  5. Lori Martin says:

    Good morning, Cindy! This looks amazing…never did I ever realize that I could eat such wonderful food and not eat sugar! My question is, have you ever frozen cheesecakes, and do you think they are as good as fresh? I am planning to make my coffee loving daughter this cheesecake for her birthday.

  6. Cindy Mullett says:

    Hi Lori! We haven’t had sugar in our house for many years and we never miss it! There are so many delicious desserts that, in my opinion, taste better than the heavy, sugar-filled ones. And they don’t make me feel sick like other desserts do. It IS a learning curve though in knowing how to use them with no weird after tastes. (That’s why I use a combination of xylitol, erythritol, and stevia.) Yes, you can freeze cheesecake. I froze this one before and didn’t notice any big changes. If you’re making it only two or three days ahead, then I would recommend just refrigerating it. It needs to be refrigerated at least overnight any way. Let me know how it turns out. ~Cindy

  7. Janelle Burkholder says:

    Good morning, Cindy! Just stopped by the site to print out this recipe; can’t wait to make it this afternoon and take it to the fellowship dinner at church tomorrow! With the record you have for delicious recipes I have no doubt this will be awesome, too! Also wondering… are the cinnamon rolls you have pictured with your caramel sauce THM? If so, I would love that recipe some time.

  8. Cindy Mullett says:

    Hi my friend! I hope the cheesecake turned out great for you. Yes, the cinnamon rolls are THM. I am wanting to make them another time with some changes, before I share the recipe. Since we are heading out on tour this week, it won’t happen for several weeks, but I want to post it some time before Christmas. I’d enjoy devoting more time to this, but I’m not interested in becoming “driven” to make it happen. ~Cindy

  9. Rachel Stoltzfus says:

    i would love to know the amounts you use to make your own truvia. That is if you dont’ mind sharing!!

  10. Cindy Mullett says:

    Hi Rachel! I am happy to share the combination of what I use. I mix 6 C. of Erythritol and 2 C. of Xylitol with 4 t. of the THM Stevia powder. I then store it in a gallon bucket. carries the non-GMO Birch Xylitol and non-GMO Erythritol. Several times a year, they have them both on sale for $3.99 a lb. I stock up when they’re on sale and usually also look for a coupon code to get free or discounted shipping. I hope this helps! ~Cindy

  11. Lori Martin says:

    Wow, this is amazing! Time consuming, but worth it. I was so nervous seeing all the $$ going into this recipe, but I am so glad I made it. We aren’t huge coffee lovers and 2 T. coffee instead of 3 is strong enough for us. Thanks Cindy! It’s my daughter’s 12th birthday cake and she has not detected a THM flavor!

  12. Cindy Mullett says:

    I’m glad your daughter enjoyed it, Lori! As you know, this is very rich and sweet and even those who aren’t used to THM or “healthier” desserts will like it. You can easily cut down on some of the sweetener if you’d like to save on money…it is definitely one of those “special occasion” desserts 🙂

  13. Melody says:

    Hi Cindy,
    Just wondering, what do you feel it is about your sweetener combination you shared in the comments that doesn’t give your desserts an aftertaste? Which sweetener is more aftertaste prone? I have really struggled with aftertastes with THM …

  14. Cindy says:

    The stevia is the one that leaves the most after taste. The xylitol also leaves a cooling sensation in your mouth if you use too much of it. I don’t care for either one and that’s why I’ve used a combination of the sweeteners. I hope this helps! Merry Christmas! ~Cindy

  15. Carolyn says:

    I just made this for the first time to share at our local THM group, and it was delicious and got good reviews! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  16. Cindy says:

    Oh good, Carolyn! I’m glad it turned out well for you and that everyone enjoyed it. I know it’s very rich, but some days just call for something rich and sweet, don’t they? =)

  17. Anita says:

    I am making this for the first time. Sounds delicious I have one question. On the chocolate bars you used 3 whole chocolate bars 4.4 oz each?

  18. Cindy Mullett says:

    Hi Anita! I used 2 of the 4.4 oz. bars for the cheesecake and then just a small part of the third one was for drizzling on top. At Aldi’s you can buy one bar for around $1.89. I don’t buy it anywhere else because it’s a lot more expensive at most other places. I hope it turns out great for you!

  19. Louise says:

    I made this cheesecake and took it to a church fellowship dinner. I tasted it and thought I got the coffee flavor a bit strong, but people loved it and all I had to take home was one piece.

  20. Cindy says:

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed it! =) You can adjust the coffee flavor to your personal taste.

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