November 13, 2011

Good Evening!

We are enjoying our Sunday here at home and are starting to feel more “settled in” again after being gone for the last banquet tour. Tomorrow we will drop the motorhome off at the garage and then, hopefully, everything will be repaired before we need to leave with it again. We leave for Florida on the 29th of November. A number of people have been asking us if we are going to the PA banquets coming up next week. The original plan was for us not to participate in these but to sing and share at the others. Duane and I (along with Kyra) are planning to leave on Thursday morning and then be present at the Thursday evening and Friday banquets at Shady Maple in Lancaster, PA. (My mom and dad will be with our girls here at home.) We look forward to seeing and visiting with a number of you there!

We continue to be amazed at all of the heart-wrenching stories that so many people have shared with us. It is such a reminder to me that this world is indeed “not our home” but just a passage to something that is far better. We have to endure these trials and difficulties but someday soon we will realize that heaven will be worth everything and we will truly see that our “light afflictions” were only but for a moment.

In order to benefit at all from the things we go through, we have to accept our situation and be determined to make the best of what we have. Fretting or worrying over what we have lost or what was taken from us won’t help at all. It will also hinder us from being thankful and improving what we DO have. God’s grace and glory is greatly magnified when we as believers remain firmly grounded and endure an affliction or trial. Do we trust the Potter enough to allow Him to work with this humble chunk of “clay”? We have observed that the believers that have the most spiritual depth are often those who have been through the most anguishing and intense trials in their souls. Our prayer for our family is that we would not waste the pain or difficulties that we have been through but that we would all grow and blossom more into God’s image BECAUSE OF the pain.

Because of Grace,

Cindy (for The Mullett family)



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  1. Sandra Weaver says:

    God Bless You all! We really enjoyed the banquet at the Dutch Inn in Columbiana Ohio. I knew it was not easy for you all but you all did a wonderful job and I realy felt the presence of the Lord. I want to thank you for your last paragraph here Cindy. It was a blessing to me for what we are going through right now. My husband fell Friday and broke his elbow and needs reconstructive surgery done. That ok but you know the place of a hubby provider for the home etc. But God will take care of us and we don’t have to worry. Praise God. Just pray for us as we journey through this and we will continue to pray for you all. Glad to hear you made it home safely with no accidents. Maybe a few trials but the good part home safely. I look at my husbands situation glad he’s not paralized and glad I still have him it tough but I thank God for all that and it keeps me encouraged. Love you all and keep looking up. Sandra Weaver for the Weavers

  2. Jr. & Ruby says:

    You people have had such a burden, losing ur son but he is in alot better place, We will keep praying for u to have strengh to keep on serving the Lord, God Bless u in a very way

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