Family Update From Duane – September 17, 2020

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Hello from beautiful North Carolina. God has been doing an amazing work within our hearts and continues to give us opportunities to trust Him. Each of us are challenged to keep our eyes on Jesus when we encounter things greater than our abilities.

Some of the most vital things we can do include spending time in prayer, saturating our mind with God’s word and allowing our lives to be molded into His image. 

On a more personal note…Alisha slowly got worse during the two weeks we traveled on the bus. We didn’t know why this was happening, but had suspicions that perhaps some of the mold had returned to the bus, so we decided to retest for mold. The test showed the same kind of mold is back again, so we need to try to get to the bottom of it. It is not nearly as much as we had earlier in the year, but was still enough that Cindy and Chantaya also experienced more of their previous symptoms as well. Pray for us as we sort this all out. Alisha’s doctor has recommended that each of us get on a protocol for mold detoxing. We don’t know what all this means for our ministry focus, but we certainly don’t want Alisha to keep struggling and get worse each time we travel in the bus.

This could become discouraging, if we don’t remember that God sees the bigger picture and will guide us forward. We know He still has a plan for our lives, and we’re willing to surrender and submit to His perfect will.

Chantaya and Kyra are back into their focused school year. Thankfully, Covid has not affected our day-to-day schedule, and we’ve been grateful for the privilege of home-schooling our children.

The two girls also joined Brianna and I in leading worship at our church this past Sunday. They are doing a good job in learning new instruments and catch on quickly. They always enjoy participating and I love to involve them.

Our Aqua-hot system went out on the bus just before our last tour. This week, a brother from our church is assisting me in pulling the unit out and finding the problem. (In all reality, I was the one trying to assist him). It is a rather complicated unit with water, two antifreeze sources, and diesel lines all running into the unit. It heats the coach, our hot water and the bus engine. We’re praying we’re be able to fix the problem.

We are incredibly grateful for the many individuals who make it possible for us to share the message God has called us to. Your prayers are appreciated as we make several major decisions here soon. We hope to share regarding some of the changes we are anticipating and will be asking for input from you as we get closer.

Your prayers and support means a lot to our family as we move forward through the doors God opens.

Because of Jesus,



6 Responses

  1. Naomi says:

    I am excited about the probability of being able to listen to the Pain To Purpose seminar online! I haven’t been able to attend a seminar in person, but would be very excited to be able to listen to it online! God bless you with wisdom in the coming days!

  2. Sarah W. says:

    Wow, sounds like a roller coaster for you all. The online is a great idea. I would just say be mentally and emotionally prepared for online bullying type meanness if comments are on for content and social persecution if someone takes issue with your message.

  3. Rachel Maust says:

    I would really be interested in hearing your Pain to Purpose presentation. Also the other aspects of what you are looking at doing.

  4. ella byler says:

    I would be excited to listen to – From pain to purpose – online.

  5. Cindy says:

    Hi Naomi. We should have done a better job at clarifying. We are not exactly sure what all this will look like, but are asking God to continue leading us. Our From Pain to Purpose content will likely include some “vlogs” (video blogs) containing spiritual challenges, more music videos and other video content. We’re not sure we will be sharing all the seminar content online. We appreciate your prayers for continued direction. We desire to follow the heart of God.

  6. Cindy says:

    Thank you for your comment, Sarah. Yes, we are already being attached and targeted in this way. Thankfully, we know who we are in Christ and have the help of the Holy Spirit in helping us discern the accusations of the enemy. We desire to follow God’s voice and not allow the bullying to deter us from being in God’s will.

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