Family Update From Duane – October 1, 2020

Fall greetings to each of you! 
What a beautiful change of season that’s happening all around us. Seasons are quite predictable. We all know what changes will be coming to the landscape in the next few months. 
Just as with past seasons, we tend to become comfortable and view life as somewhat predictable. But is it really? 
There have been many unknown aspects that our family has again experienced this year. We have “course corrected” several times, just as in many other times throughout our lives. 
I believe God wants each of us to hold people, events, responsibilities, and positions with an open hand. And we are attempting to do just that. 
We again had to cancel three “From Pain to Purpose” events that were scheduled to be held at churches this fall. Alisha is still struggling too much with her health condition and the bus interior is not stable enough for her. (We’re needing to add additional air quality purification to assist with a small amount of mold returning to the bus.) 
We have peace because we know when God closes one door there is another one He wants to open. Our biggest hurtle is for each of us to adapt and joyfully move forward with these new plans. And we don’t want to miss seeing Jesus during this process.
The current plan is to launch “From Pain to Purpose” online and look at building that platform. We’re not sure how all this will look, but we’re trusting God for sufficient “light” for the next step. Our plans do involve releasing music videos series as well as other content. 
We greatly appreciate your prayers for wisdom and continued direction.  We are seeking direction in how to best encourage, challenge and inspire as many as we can via these inspirational videos. 
I am so grateful for the family team God has blessed me with. Cindy and I are thankful for each of the girls and how they are assisting in this transition. We have continued to communicate to the older girls that they have no obligation to continue being involved in our ministry focus.  God has a specific plan for each of their lives and we want to hold them with an open hand as well. 
As each of us keep approaching another season in life, it’s vital we continue trusting in God. Remember, He is all-good, all-powerful and all-knowing. God is the only thing constant and predictable in our world. We can rest in Him. 
Because of Jesus,

Announcing a new vlog series coming next week! About a week ago, we shared a video asking input from you all about the launch of an online ministry.

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges interspersed with incredible blessings. We know you’ve faced them as well, and we are grateful for the security, peace, and grace that is available for every believer. 
God has been leading us in making some changes in our ministry outreach, and we cannot begin to thank you for the support you’ve shown as we step out in faith in this new venture. Our desire is to reach and impact with free content and material that inspire, encourage, and challenge each one to live as overcomers. From Pain to Purpose has been a message that reaches out to broken, hurting individuals in churches and prisons. But with the launch of this online ministry, many more people will hear the message of From Pain to Purpose who would never come to one of our physical events. 
There is a lot that needs to be done as we set up and prepare to launch this regular online content and video series. As we work up to this launch, we will be releasing weekly vlogs to bring you along in the journey, with the first one being released one week from today. If you want to receive these vlogs to your inbox, follow the link, and sign up with your email address. 
Stay tuned, and join us in praying for God’s continued direction! 


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  1. I think it’s a great idea as long as I am not at the helm. The younger generation are doing a much better job than I will ever do and I do pray for every one of you as you launch a new version of your project. God bless your efforts and pray Alisha will soon be healthy again. I’m so glad you stick together as a full family unit.

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