Family Update from Duane–May 14, 2020

Hello to each of you from our NC home.

Our family has experienced an extraordinary event as we’ve watched winter turn into spring and now as we begin moving towards summer, all while being at home. We have never experienced this before. In fact, this was the first year Brianna and Alisha remember celebrating their birthdays from home. 

For the past thirty-five years, I have been traveling on the road somewhere rather than being in one place through these changes of seasons. Although we took two sabbaticals during these years, both times we ended up spending a big portion of it in the hospital with our children. Our family has truly been loving this extended time at home, in spite of the unexpected circumstances and restrictions. 

This update will be a little different, and will not include ministry events and happenings, because this is mainly a time for organization and content development rather than active touring.

Last week was also the continuation of change for our schedule and planning. Over a year ago, we had planned to be in Colorado during June of 2020 to conduct two prison intensives. Due to what’s currently happening, the prisons will not be opening up soon enough to conduct these events. We are disappointed, but we know God knew about this while we were planning it. He was not caught off guard.

Our hearts ache for these men and women in prison who were anticipating these events. Pray they would choose to use this time to dig deeper into God’s word and see their need for a greater relationship with Him. 

I am most grateful for the opportunity to pause and reflect during this time. Contemplation and taking relational discipleship with my family to a greater level has been a huge blessing. It has enlarged my soul as my time with God has expanded. I’ve also been excited as our family has begun to implement intentional expressions of appreciation, learning how to better express criticism in a non-judgmental way while resolving issues. Learning these exercises are things I likely would not have focused on if left to my own planning. But I’m excited to embrace these changes while I listen to God’s voice.

Cindy’s passion is to demonstrate being a Proverbs 31 wife and mother, and being at home at this time has given her more time to focus on this role. She is loving being done with homeschooling for this year and continues to reach out to our girls and others as much as possible. She doesn’t know the meaning of dull or boring moments. 

This week we are planning on traveling and visiting Cindy’s parents and extended family. Her dad is celebrating his 80th birthday. His health has been frail in these recent years, and we know each interaction we have with him is a wonderful blessing from God. Life is truly a gift, and we have the privilege to choose how to invest in this gift.

My mother also turned seventy-six on Mother’s Day. I am so grateful for her and the investment she has made in my life. Her choices, priorities and values have impacted me in tremendous ways. Please take the time to express appreciation to those around you who have invested and impacted your life in a positive way.

We certainly need God’s wisdom and discernment as we look forward in planning our schedule for later this summer. We are passionate in sharing a message of hope to many others. 

Thank you for standing with us in the mission of “From Pain to Purpose.”

Because of Jesus,



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