Family Update from Duane–June 25, 2020

Hello friends. 

Today is an amazing gift from God and we are rejoicing in it. 

Recently, I’ve been challenged and am putting into practice greater times of focused quietness and listening to God. For too much of my life, my time with God was filled with mental, intellectual activity. Reading the Bible and praying are good and necessary, but in order for it to be life-changing and transformational, I need to listen, write down, and then obey what He tells me. 

Solomon talks about seasons and I have recognized these seasons in my life. We, as a ministry and as a family, are currently in a winter season. We are in the season of our plans being halted and a time of prioritizing and sorting. As a family, Alisha’s health condition has also allowed us to prioritize, refocus and re-plan. It has given us many opportunities to trust God. 

I keep coming to greater places of surrender. I know God loves me passionately and desires to know me more. I know I can trust my Father who loves me deeply. When I worry about things I have no control over, I move from being a person of faith to assuming a position that is not mine to hold. It is amazing and appalling to see how pride and self-reliance likes to slip in and influence our choices, actions and attitudes. 

Next week, I am planning to pick up our bus. It has been on a long journey of mold remediation and remodeling. The mold issue involved many steps of remediation. All air conditioners were removed and resealed. The roof was resealed. Air ducts were cleaned, fogged and then sealed. They wiped down the entire interior and did an air scrub as well. We’re very grateful this remediation was all done using nontoxic, green products that are formulated and safe for those with chemical sensitivities. 

In the undercarriages, all the doors were resealed. They repaired some water tank connections that were leaking and replaced the carpeting. This was all a massive focus. The final test results showed 0 mold! We are rejoicing in this news. 

Although it’s been a huge project, we wish eliminating high mold levels from our bodies would be this easy and this fast. Two of the three high mold levels in Alisha are completely gone, but the worst kind is still as high as it was before. The doctor has added a few more supplements to help with this elimination, but said it will still be a long process. Alisha and Cindy have been the ones who’ve been the most affected by these extremely toxic levels of mold, but the rest of us have been affected as well. In fact, Chantaya also had terrible rashes that were a result from this exposure. We’ve found out just how dangerous of a health hazard mold can be. 

I am planning to test the bus more regularly to be able to stay on top of any potential mold situation. We are praying to someday have a shop where we can park it inside while we’re not traveling. This would help keep it in a more controlled and protected environment. 

2020 seems to be a call to action for us believers. Those around us are able to see how we respond when our world is shaken. Are we responding in fear or in faith?

One call to action is to express gratefulness to those who are serving around us. Last week, Cindy and the two youngest girls baked cookies and bread and took it to three of our local police departments. We heard many grateful responses. One of the officers said, “No one has ever done anything like this before.”  

Fear and anger is rampant in our country right now. Pride can be at the root of both of these. Christians are called to represent Jesus. How can we demonstrate faith, humility and thanksgiving in today’s culture? What is God calling you to do? 

Blessings to you today as you demonstrate Jesus in our hurting world. 

Because of Jesus, 



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