Family update from Duane–July 9, 2020

Hello From Kentucky. 

Cindy, Chantaya, Kyra and I have been enjoying an amazing time visiting both the Ark and the Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. Someone from our church made it possible for us to spend three days together with four other families during this time. Not only has it been a blessing to again be reminded of our foundational beliefs, but our time with our friends has also been refreshing and encouraging. We were all able to stay together in a large, three story, Victorian home and enjoyed times of singing and worshiping God collectively. Thirty-three of us doing life together for a few days is a blessing. 

Last week, a brother from our church assisted me in picking up our bus from Ohio. I had not been behind that wheel for over seven months, and it was a blessing to drive it again. It is exciting to realize all the necessary work was completed on the bus and it is now ready for us to travel again. This is a brief video I did about it our way back home. 

We have also finished filming Alisha’s music video, reflecting on her journey and health struggles. Brianna produced and directed it as well as helped with the vocals and music. She did a great job developing the story line and coaching Alisha in communicating the message. Our friend, Brackin Kirkland (Sounds Like Reign) recorded the music at his studio and did an excellent job in filming. The footage is in the editing process. We believe God will be glorified through this project.

As we continue to seek the heart of God during challenging and uncertain times, let’s stand together during this season of change. When we look for ways to bless rather than curse those we disagree with, we spread the light of Jesus to a our dark world. 

Let’s allow the unknown to press us toward embracing the inerrant word of God, sanctity of life, the gift of marriage and all relationships. When we attempt to simply add Biblical truths to a foundation built on sinking sand rather than the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, it will not stand very long. We believe this is what has happened to much of the church within America today. May God help each of us to come back to the foundational truths found in the word of God.

Because of Jesus, 



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