Family Update from Duane–April 30, 2020

Like I suspect many of you, I’ve lost track which day of shut down we are in. It would be tempting to focus solely on the plans to reopen America, but I have been intentional in making the most of these present days. We know we are in a daily race against time, and we as believers have a message for the world. This message needs to flow out of our life as an overflow of being connected with God. We can interact with others out of an intellectual relationship with God, but that will have very little impact. It is only as our mind, will, and emotions have allowed God and his living Word to become integrated into our thought process, our decision making, and our emotions that can we be fulfilled and truly impact others for the kingdom.

I have personally been reflecting on what that looks like. How can I make choices to allow Jesus to be lived and demonstrated in my life. I have been pondering the two aspects that have been vital in my life. These are not new concepts by any means, but are still vital! First I need to be intentional, and second, I need to invest time. Anything that I am involved with takes planning, marking my calendar, and moving towards the goal. I also need to count the cost as to what I need to sacrifice and exchange for my time with God. 

Chantaya and Kyra were excited to finish school this week! They are actually looking forward to achievement tests that are coming in a few weeks, but for now, they are ready to take advantage of their break. They have done well with taking initiative in their day-to-day school focus and now enjoy getting out of school a bit earlier than many schools.

Cindy is enjoying our time at home. Two families at our home church have had babies, and Cindy loves making meals for them and interacting with the new mothers. She also finds joy in making our house a home.

Alisha has days filled with treatments and a health focus. It seems like she is gaining traction. We have retested her for the mold to see how much she has been able to eliminate from her body and are waiting for those results. She has had some very discouraging days recently as this season has been so long and relentless. Please continue to life her in prayer.

By faith we continue to reach forward trusting God. I pray you will have peace in your heart for today knowing the God you serve is in control. Live today with purpose, eternal purpose.

Because of Jesus,



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