Family Update from Duane–April 2, 2020

Hello again from North Carolina. 

I don’t believe we have ever given this many consecutive updates from our house before. It is indeed an unusual and never anticipated situation we find ourselves in today. Our world has changed dramatically. But whenever changes take place, we have the amazing blessing to demonstrate Jesus.

These changes reveal what has brought us security and what our life has been built around. Many idols being identified.

During our devotional time the other morning, I was reading about idols in Biblical times. In those times, idols were created and carved out of wood, gold, etc. Yet, today we have just as many idols as they did in Bible times. 

Our idols may include possessions, hobbies or paychecks. In many ways these things have become the “golden calf” that we worship. As our “golden calves” are stripped away, it reveals and gives us opportunity to truly surrender and replace these things with a God-centered focus.

As we embrace an eternal God and realign our values and place our confidence in Him, the culture will see our faith in action and will be drawn to God.

As an update on Alisha, yesterday, one of the clinics who is treating her started her on a new, daily treatment. We are giving her daily peptide injections and are grateful that we are able to do it from home. We are praying this will be another step forward in her recovery. She has recently been emotionally exhausted and becoming very tired of her health challenges. Please pray for continued strength for her.

Brianna keeps our office responsibilities moving forward. With this extended time at home, we are organizing and developing an internal structure we never had time to establish since From Pain to Purpose began. I am very encouraged with this process. We’ve seen the need for quite some time to use our time more effectively, but were never able to get to this level of planning. 

Cindy is greatly enjoying using this time at home to clean out cupboards and minimize our belongings. In this way, it will help us once we are able to travel again. Since we’ve lived in a RV for the majority of our 29 years of marriage, making our house a home energizes and brings her much fulfillment. She also continues to actively be involved with our online ministry opportunities. 

Chantaya and Kyra are counting down their remaining school days. This morning, they told me they have eighteen days left. Although they enjoy their school work and do well in their studies, they are excited for a summer break. 

Our future has many unanswered questions. Yet, we remain faith-filled and confident as we know God holds our future. Let’s keep our focus on the never changing truths found in God’s word. 

Because of Jesus, 



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  1. Esther says:

    I think that is awesome how God is using this time to bring families together. Actually see couples taking walks together with there children never see that. God is getting us ready It’s scary if we run out of money but being together as a family sharing playing n just being together outweighs the anxiety and spending time with our almighty God!!! Glad you all get to just take a much needed break

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