Family Update from Duane–April 16, 2020

Greetings from our home base. 

With our tours completely cancelled for the time being, we have been focused on administrative office work. Since our non-profit ministry office is based out of our home, and our services are considered “essential”, our daily schedule hasn’t changed dramatically. Our family has been blessed with unique, new opportunities to reach out to others during this time. We will, hopefully, share more about these opportunities in the future. 

We have also been utilizing this time with necessary planning and organizing, which has been “setting the stage” for the next chapter in our lives. This is an amazing time of opportunity in every believer’s life. Let’s use each moment we are blessed with, to turn around what the enemy has meant to destroy us. 

This quarantine, and the changes it has brought, has been exposing core beliefs in each person. This includes inmates, politicians, Christians, atheists, business owners, and the unemployed, poor and wealthy. It has been an amazing opportunity to share what our core values are, and where our security lies, as we’ve interacted with many individuals as they’re processing these changes.  

I have been able to pray with many people over the phone, and also with some in person. It has been much easier to distinguish between a God-less or God-honoring belief through these individual’s responses. Pride, which is found at the center of a Godless perspective, causes fear or anger. We can see that all around us. 

However, when you have a strong belief in God, you may experience temporary unsettledness, but at the same time have an expectancy of how God will win this battle for us. Do not take your opportunities for granted. Let’s seize our privilege first to trust God and then demonstrate and 
live out our trust.

In addition to the quarantine, we had an extreme storm come through our area. On Sunday night, there were thunderstorms, lightening, heavy rain and tornado warnings happening in our area. We ended up in our basement. 

Thousands of people were without power and ours was out for 40 hours. It is amazing how much we depend on having water and electricity. Hauling water to wash dishes and flush toilets really helps us to become more grateful for these things we often take for granted.

We are currently making plans to proceed with two prison “From Pain to Purpose Intensives” in Colorado, during the month of June. Please pray with us about these plans. Pray for Alisha’s continued recovery, and the coronavirus restrictions to be lifted in time. See the video below for more information.

Other changes are coming in June as well. Our secretary, Kristen, has been feeling called to work more directly with children rather than adult ministry focus and the office work she’s currently involved with. She has been with us for a year, and has been a tremendous blessing to us. We hate seeing her go, but we bless her in pursuing her God-given passion for His specific calling on her life. 

We are making the need known for someone to take her place as our secretary. They would be working closely with Brianna on a variety of things. This includes fulfilling online orders, helping with our social media platform, answering emails, and could involve responding to inmate letters, graphic design, as well as assisting with other special projects we may be working on. For example, one project we had last year included the DVD filming. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who loves Jesus.

If you know of someone who may be interested, please let me know. We will be going through an application process, but are trusting God to fill this role with the specific person He has called for this. 

If you are interested, and can’t commit to a voluntary service term, don’t let that prevent you from reaching out to discuss other possibilities. This will be a vital support role for the ministry of From Pain to Purpose.

Let’s continue to pray for each other and stand together as believers, making decisions from an eternal perspective rather than from an earthly one. 

Because of Jesus,



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