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It is not often that parents can express the emotional storms during a crisis that not only creates a riveting attentiveness in the reader, but also explains Biblical prin- ciples that conquer the darkness of a tragedy. Once you begin reading this account, you will have a hard time putting the book down.”
-Bill Gothard, Ph.D. President, Institute in Basic Life Principles

“Big Mountain, Bigger God: a gripping true-life story, a trial to triumph, test to testimony journey experienced by the Mullett family. Their lives have been gripped by the grace of God, leaving tokens of faith and trust scattered along the highway of grief, pain, and sorrow…God honoring tokens that have provided spiritual nourish- ment to thousands of hungering souls. The unique relationship between father, mother, and son in Big Mountain, Bigger God gives a spiritual reflection of the love and unity of the trinity, a love relation- ship that did not change while going through the cross bearing circumstances of life. Austin is my Jesus hero of faith who loved life and did not fear death. My life has been deeply challenged to see the Mullett family experience child like faith as a way of life. I believe the Holy Spirit will likewise nourish your soul as you prayerfully read Big Mountain, Bigger God.”
-Nelson Coblentz Evangelist/Founder, Gospel Express Ministries

“Once a year I read the book of Job. Reading how God permitted Job to be se- verely tested for his faith can be an emotional challenge. As I read of the intense testing of faith the Duane Mullett family experienced in the book, Big Mountain, Bigger God, I thought of calling it The Second Book of Job. It is an account of facing disappointments, sudden life changes, and a test of their faith in Jesus Christ. Heart transplants, painful suffering, long hospital stays, and near death of their children were a few of the tests. Through it all, they were passionate about demonstrating that God’s sustaining grace is bigger than the mountain of problems they faced. Much of the book focuses on their son Austin’s second heart transplant and his faith and commitment to Christ. The account lets you walk with them throughexciting expectations, answered prayer, crushing setbacks, as well as finally being able to be reunited at home.
Tears flooded my eyes as I read of the welcome home parade put on by the local fire department. I recommend you get this book on your ‘to read’ stack and place it on top of the pile. You’ll be encouraged at the sufficient grace of God through tough times.”

– Simon Schrock President, Choice Books of Virginia

“God’s grace is evident in the lives of Duane and his family. The rains have come, the floods have washed through their lives and yet their family remains because it has been built on the truth of God’s Word.”
-Chris Hogan President of Noble Call Institute

“If you have wondered ‘why, God’ or ‘where is God’ then you got your hands on an incredible book that tells an awe-inspiring, real life-story of how God desires to walk with us through hope, despair, gloom and frustration. I found myself being pulled in on every word as I read it, feeling the heartbeat of a father for his son and a son’s trust of his father. A book of many twists and turns as it meanders through the maze of life bringing inspiration and hope and ending with a surrender that no matter what, ‘I am a winner.’ It’s almost impossible to read and not find yourself crying, and at times weeping. A book of inspiration for anyone, no matter what you are facing.”
-Jason Schlabach, Pastor/Counselor Door of Hope Ministry

“Big Mountain, Bigger God is a story of faith, the kind of faith that endures through all of life’s trails. It encourages us all with a powerful example of what it means to ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart’. The Mullett family’s transparent account of their fears, struggles, and the peace that transcends them by God’s grace will encour- age you in your walk with the Lord… no matter what valley you are going through.”
-Ryan Bomgardner Ryan & Friends

“I watched from a distance, and a few times up close, as the Mulletts went through crisis after crisis with their children. Their attitude, their faith, their acceptance (including Austin’s) of their ‘lot in life’ never ceased to amaze and humble me. Now as I read the inside story of what they actually went through, I wept and praised and renewed my promise to never take a day of life for granted. Austin and his family have reminded me: Every day is a gift. May my life glorify God at least half as much as the Mullett family has. And may this story inspire you to glorify Him! After reading this book, all I wanted to do was hug my children and tell them how much I love them.”
-John Schmid Common Ground Ministries

“What have I learned from the Mullett family? That there is serenity in being close to God; that surrender to His will is in no way giving up. Are Duane and Cindy different? Yes, because as parents, they have gained pa- tience and wisdom from their children’s illnesses and from their children’s grace, intelligence and faith. With support from their church, they have grown in grace, hope, and faith. All of their children, the healthy and the transplanted, they know as signs of God’s great love.
The Mulletts are not alone as my only story of grace, but one of myriad examples to me of hope, faith, and unconditional love of children born without the gift of perfect health. Austin seemed to bring light to every situation and with great determination, kept a song in his heart often singing, ‘I’m a winner either way!’ “

-Marjorie E. Tripp, MD Pediatric Cardiologist

“Every once in a while a manuscript passes my desk that is special, that makes me stop what I am doing and in this case, grips every fiber of my heart. Big Mountain, Bigger God is a rollercoaster of emotion. I became engulfed in one family’s journey, a mother, a father, and five beautiful children, heart transplants, cancers, severe allergic reactions, years of tests, procedures, and surgeries, a gentle blend of fear then relief, weakness then strength, uncertainty then faith, as they fight to survive. My heart was touched with the pain and helplessness that a father must feel as he watches his dear children suffer with such traumatic medical issues. Thank you, Duane and Cindy. Your strength is amazing and as I read Big Mountain, Bigger God; I see, page by page, the proof of God’s unconditional grace and mercy. Now, more than ever; I feel an incredibly strong urge just to go home and hold my son, Jaden; tell him I love him and that I thank God for him.”
-Jim Rill Publisher and Consultant, Milestones International Publishers


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