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My Lighthouse (CD)

Release Date: November 21, 2017

$12 + S&H.

Song titles:
1. I Like Knowing God the Best
2. The Bubble Song
3. My Lighthouse – sample!
4. Kid Talk – sample!
5. Thy Word
6. Stretchin’ the Truth – sample!
7. Joy of the Lord – sample!
8. I Can Only Imagine – sample!
9. It’s God
10. He Knows My Name – sample!
11. Here Kitty, Kitty (They Threw Daniel in the Lion’s Den) – sample!


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Thy Will (CD)

Release Date: August 28, 2017

$12 + S&H.

Song titles:
1. Walking In Step
2. Come Thou Fount
3. Show A Little Bit Of Love And Kindness
4. The Power Of The Cross
5. Nothing But The Blood
6. Just As I Am
7. I’m Gonna Sing
8. Thy Will
9. Sunlight
10. New Day Dawning



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Relentless Hope (CD)

Release Date: July 1, 2015

$12 + S&H.


Song titles:
1. Tell The Mountain
2. There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace
3. What Faith Can Do
4. He Can Move That Stone
5. Daddy, Mary Me
6. Call The Wambulance
7. If Not For Grace
8. Greater
9. Sovereign Over Us
10. Love Lifted Me Medley: Love Lifted Me, How Deep The Father’s Love For Us, Multiplied


When Hurt Meets The Healer (CD)

Release Date: May 1, 2013

Suggested donation is
$12 per CD + S&H.

Song titles:
1. In Time, On Time, Every Time
2. He’s Leading Me ~sample!
3. Grace ~sample!
4. Fill Up My Cup
5. Into My Heart
6. Jesus Loves Me
7. A Lullaby of Love
8. Carry Me ~sample!

9. Orphans of God
10. Faith Like That
11. Bigger God
12. I Just Stopped By On My Way Home ~sample!
13. The Hurt and The Healer ~sample!
14. Make Something Beautiful
15. I Just Stopped By On My Way Home (Reprise)

Knowing What I Know …About Heaven (CD)

Release Date: 2011

Suggested donation is
$12 per CD + S&H.

Song titles:
1. He is Really All That Matters
2. In Time On Time ~sample!
3. Blessings ~sample!
4. Carry Me
5. Help is On The Way
6. Bigger God
7. Shoutin Time In Heaven
8. Angels In The Room ~sample!
9. Knowing What I Know ~sample!
10 Hit The Ground Running

Blessing the Lord (CD)

Release Date: 2009

Suggested donation is
$12 per CD + S&H.

Song titles:
1. Bless the Lord ~sample!
2. He Already Sees the Rainbow
3. Heaven’s Jubilee ~sample!
4. Jesus’ Rocking Chair ~sample!
5. He’s Still in the Fire
6. Greater Yes
7. Redeemed Medley
8. Father’s Son ~sample!
9. If You Believe
10. God Wants to Hear You Sing
11. God’s Love

Test to Testimony (CD)

Release Date: 2003

Suggested donation is
$12 per CD + S&H.

Song titles:
1. The Lord is Good
2. Heaven Will be my Home
3. I’m a Winner Either Way
4. Shout it From the Housetop
5. He Calms Me
6. Oh be Careful/Praise Him
7. Heaven’s Really Gonna Shine
8. So Much to Thank Him For
9. When I See the Blood
10. Tears Will Never Stain the Streets of that City
11. Bubblin’ Over
12. No Band-Aids in Heaven

For My Good & For His Glory (CD)

Release Date: 2006

Suggested donation is
$12 per CD + S&H.

Song titles:
1. I’m Blessed
2. That’s God
3. I Wanna See Jesus
4. For my Good and For His Glory
5. Did You Pray?
6. More Precious Then Gold
7. I Got Ahold of God Today
8. The Blood of the Lamb
9. Hippo Critter
10. Give a Little Love Away



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