Our Family

Duane & Cindy Mullett

Duane Mullett has been serving with Gospel Express prison ministry since 1985. His passion is seeing men and women transformed by the Word of God and walking in victory with Him. Another passion that he pursues is equipping men and encouraging fathers to be godly leaders in their homes and discipling them with tools in passing their faith to multiple generations. Duane enjoys having heart to heart conversations with his wife and two oldest daughters and playing on the floor or reading to his two little girls. Duane is fulfilling his dream of being able to minister together as a family in obeying the Great Commission.

Cindy (Coblentz) Mullett is grateful for the privilege of being a full time wife and mother. She enjoys home schooling and is very thankful for the opportunities that she has in relating with her daughters. Some of Cindy’s greatest passions are being a wife and mother and she is loving the blessing of being a mommy to her two little “miracle” girls. Cindy enjoys reading, writing, scrap booking and baking.


Austin is our firstborn and our only son. From moments after his birth and through out his almost seventeen years of life, we have seen how every precious day was a gift from God. Because of complications during the pregnancy and the umbilical cord placement, we were made aware of how close he came to being miscarried. Austin’s life has been filled with many physical battles but he conquered every one of them with an optimistic out look and a zeal and enjoyment of life that few people experience.

When he was eight months old, Austin had his first heart transplant after many near death experiences. During Austin’s sixth year of life, he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma and was given only two weeks to live apart from a miracle. God intervened and his cancer was in remission for one year when he was diagnosed with a different malignancy called squamous cell carcinoma. They informed us that this cancer was more deadly because it wasn’t responsive to chemotherapy and didn’t show up on scans. Because of the complicated condition of being immunosuppressed the doctors informed us that it was only a matter of time until cancer would take his life. We praise God that He led us to alternative and nutritional treatments and Austin lived the rest of his ten years cancer free! When Austin was sixteen, he received his second heart transplant. God granted him a full recovery and blessed us with nine more precious months with our dear son.

Although he was on oral medication for the cytomegalovirus (CMV) no one was aware of how it was attaching his organs and brought his white blood cell count down to zero! He was exposed to a bacterial infection which took his life in 24 hours. Although we will always miss Austin’s bubbly presence in our home, we are grateful that he is eternally set free from all physical pain and is waiting for us in his new home with Jesus. We praise God that He has used Austin’s life in an incredible way and many have been brought to the Lord through his testimony. (We have written two books about our family’s journey. We are so excited to see how God continues to use Austin’s story in a powerful way for His honor and glory!)


Brianna Nicole (19) is the oldest of the girls. She has graduated from high school, and she works as our secretary and all around tech person, as well as doing a lot of our lead singing. Brianna enjoys playing the keyboard, doing outdoor activities, singing, reading, journaling, and spending time with friends.


Alisha Danae (17) does a good job in serving her family and helps out in many ways in our household. She is grateful that her transplanted heart (at age 3 months) is doing well, and God has blessed Alisha with a sensitive spirit. She takes her relationship with Jesus seriously. Some of Alisha’s hobbies include: playing violin and piano, reading, drawing and singing. Alisha’s allergies and skin condition continues to give her opportunity to trust God and develop patience and endurance in her life.


Chantaya Faith is our very active 7 year old who does everything with great passion! She started singing “Jesus Loves Me” at our services just before her second birthday and continues to enjoy singing for Jesus. Chantaya is happiest when she is outside picking flowers, playing ball with someone, or reading a story. Chantaya is in first grade and is learning how to read. She is a quick learner! God blessed her with a younger sister, and they are almost inseparable!


Kyra Shianne (5) is our sweet little “baby” who continues growing up so fast! Her greatest pursuit in life, right now, is keeping up with EVERYTHING her big sister, Chantaya does.  She has a very sensitive nature and is very in touch with her feelings. She continues to be our greatest “drama queen.”  :) Kyra, daily, makes us laugh with the things she says, which are usually filled with great emotions. She gladly “soaks up” all the affection that is freely given by her older siblings and parents. The things that delight Kyra the most, right now, are playing with Chantaya, and quality one-on-one times with Mom or Dad.