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The Mullett Family Newsletter

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Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, Florida

Introducing: “From Pain to Purpose”

  • “Where are You, God?”
  • “Why us, Lord? Why our children?”
  • “If You can heal, why don’t You?”
  • “God, how can we trust You when things don’t seem to make sense?”
  • “If You are loving, how can You allow this?”

These questions have riddled our lives…
The painful events in our family’s life have begged for answers to our heartfelt question of, “Where is God when life hurts?” Our family has been on a personal journey to find resounding answers and healing truths. We are excited in seeing how we can assist in sharing God’s answers and truths with others and to be better equipped in caring for the hearts of those who are hurting. This quest is birthing a new seminar entitled “From Pain To Purpose.” Our family will continue ministering in prisons and churches, along with presenting this seminar by request.

Our mission is to walk with hurting people, caring for their hearts and equipping them with tools to find God’s purpose for their pain. Our goal is to point them to Jesus, the great Heart-Healer, Who transforms them from victims to victors!

Duane & Cindy Mullett

Titles of the “From Pain to Purpose” message include:

  • Where Does Pain Come From?
  • Is God Really All-Powerful And Good?
  • Recognizing Defining Moments
  • Finding Hope And Healing When Life Hurts
  • What Is The Purpose Of Your Pain?

When Hurt Meets The Healer DVD

How Can I Be Involved?

  • Praying For This Vision: To receive updates, and to be better informed in how to pray for us, Like THe Mullett Family page on Facebook or sign up to receive our e-newsletter using the link above.
  • Host A Seminar: Invite The Mullett Family to your community or church.
  • Assisting Financially to enable this message to be shared. This ministry is dependent upon the Lord for finances through gifts from churches, businesses, and individuals. Gifts are tax deductible. More information on the Donation Page.


“From Pain to Purpose” is a new discipleship extension of Gospel Express Ministries.
“We believe this vision (From Pain to Purpose) reflects the healing heart of God, carries the inspiration of God, ans is greater than any of us can even grasp! We thank God for the vision of taking seminar and discipleship ministry to a deeper level.”

Nelson Coblentz, Gospel Express Executive Board.